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  1. “I am glad you all obeyed the law and ontaibed your permits but the tea party is only a disguise for for the GOP.”Although that’s not true, let’s say it is. Is it illegal to be the GOP–you want only one lawless, rioting, window smashing, Obamaville creating party on the books? I hope before I go to my grave, a lefty commenter can come up with something more original than accusing me of watching Fox. I just watched an excellent interview with a Democrat on Fox. He was intelligent, balanced, handsome, and very informative. Should I discount him because I saw him on Fox?And what am I pretending to be? I am a Republican, but was a Democrat for 40 years. In fact, I recently voted for a Democrat in a local election because he was the best candidate. And you? And being a Republican disqualifies me to have an opinion or post a news story because it makes you crazy that your guys are out of control? You want everyone to have one government backed news source?

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